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Real, local experiences for everyone, anywhere.

We provide a tourism app that allows anyone to have real, historical experiences.


Tourist Guide

AI Multi-language Support

Historical XR Content


Overcoming language and cultural barriers for a more authentic experience.

We aim to solve various challenges faced by foreign tourists when traveling in Japan.

Furthermore, by providing more realistic experiences, such as battlefield scenes, at tourist spots rich in historical landmarks like ancient battlefields and castle ruins, we are dedicated to enhancing the experiences in historically rich tourist destinations, thus contributing to regional revitalization.



In addition to the usual tourism guide app features, we leverage AI technology to offer multi-language support, helping foreign tourists overcome language barriers. We also utilize XR technology to provide more realistic historical experiences, such as battlefield scenes.


Map & Guide

We collaborate with platforms like Google Maps to ensure you are guided accurately to your desired destination.



Utilizing AI technologies such as ChatGPT, we support multiple languages, providing a travel experience that you can enjoy in your own language.


Virtual Guide

In addition to gourmet and sightseeing information, we provide an interactive guide for learning about the historical background and stories of the region you're touring.



By utilizing XR technology to overlay real historical content onto real-world locations, users can experience events and characters that took place there as if they've time-traveled.

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